Butterfield Country Club

Indoor Golf

Tee up in the most authentic indoor golf simulator by Foresight.  Our virtual golf simulators bring 25 Championship real golf courses  to life!

A true-to-life virtual golf experience, allows you to practice any aspect of your game, including drives, bunker shots, short pitches and putts.  When you hit the ball, it is captured and accurately represented on the screen.  No matter what your skill level, you can immerse yourself in an authentic golf experience with 2 high-definition golf simulators and one hitting bay used strictly for hitting and for teaching lessons.  The experience is so real you'll think you are standing on the green.  It's more than great fun, it's great instruction and can improve your game by measuring distance, clubhead speed, ball speed and more.  Even better, you can select where you play.  You can virtually "step" onto the green of some of the most notable golf courses in the world to experience the challenges and the victories of the pros.

Nothing can beat golf in an outdoor environment, but the golf simulators make a compelling alternative.