Butterfield Country Club

Membership Categories

Regular Members are considered "full" members. They have access to all the facilities of the club, including golf, swimming, tennis, paddle and all social activities.

Once initiation fees and equity are paid in full, they are considered "Owners" of the Club and will have voting rights. They would receive a portion of their equity back should they decide to leave the club and their membership has been replaced by a new incoming member.

Social Members enjoy the privileges of Regular Members excluding ownership, voting rights and access to the golf course.  Tennis, paddle, swimming pool privileges, dining and all social activities are available for his/her family. Social members have the option to use the new Fitness and Indoor Golf Facility.

A Social Member may elect to upgrade to a Regular Membership upon application and approval of the Board of Governors.

For more information please contact:
Scott Azinger
General Manager at Butterfield Country Club at 630-323-1000.